Thursday, January 13, 2005

Careful With Those Lawyer Jokes....

I kind of enjoy lawyer jokes, but the media tried to make it sound like this was a case of egregious overlawyering. Notice at the end of the article that these guys complain they've been standing outside Long Island courthouses mocking lawyers "for years" without being arrested:

"The pair said that for years they have stood outside courthouses on Long Island and mocked lawyers."

Duh. You didn't expect one of those evil, assertive lawyers to get sick of it and complain at some point? As a practitioner, I didn't enjoy standing in line outside the courthouse in the freezing New England weather any more than the rest of the people - actually probably less, because most people appearing on charges seemed to bring friends and family with them to keep them company. These protestors really must not have enough to do! Get a job or something!

If somebody finally decided he'd had enough, how was he supposed to know these guys were there that day for an actual criminal charge, instead of just standing near the line heckling the poor attorneys like usual? Sheesh. And thanks a lot for your loathsome drunk driving - lucky you didn't kill a nice family in a minivan or something. I know there are lots of lawyers who really deserve all those lawyer jokes, but we seem to have a shortage of ways to mock, scorn, abuse, and ridicule drunk drivers. (I know, they're just not funny, but are most lawyers that funny?) The two jerks (in my book) with too much time on their hands are pictured below...

When not driving around drunk,
these noble citizens stand around
and heckle innocent bystanders
outside their local courthouse.
Thanks, guys!!!
Get a blog or something!