Monday, January 31, 2005


This was one of my favorite pictures so far about the Iraqi elections...I wonder if people here will color their fingertips as a show of celebration...or if Iraqis will do this as part of their annual voting ritual. It's definitely cooler than "I voted!" stickers.

(the photo points to Dakotapundit)

(And click here for my earlier post about the Iraqi elections) Random memory association: I went to a high school where it was actually fashionable ("cool") to show up in school with ashes on your forehead on a certain day at the beginning of Lent - a lot of symbolic value (history, faith, community, and the fact that a few students has gotten up early to go to church before school). I'm no longer part of an ash-distributing church (for unrelated reasons, of course!), but the ashes were definitely "cooler" (had more powerful and multilayered symbolic value) than little red-white-and-blue stickers... these stained fingertips remind me of the ashes a little bit (in the good sense). They just tell a whole story, really capturing a significant moment in history.