Friday, February 25, 2005

You Heard It Here First: Giving the Cocaine Vaccine to Toddlers

I have an article forthcoming in the Journal of Law & Urban Policy about the new cocaine vaccine, in which I suggest that there will be widespread calls for immunizing the general public, not just addicts in rehab programs (the oringinally intended use of the vaccine). But here is an article from The Age about parents groups already calling for universal vaccination (BTW, the current state of the technology is a temporary inoculation that must be repeated every few months - it is not yet know if the body eventually develops a permanent immunity):

A group of Queensland Nationals want the Federal Government to investigate
giving an anti-junkie vaccination to children under 12 months old. The vaccination, under development in the UK, would render children immune to becoming smokers or drug users and become part of the national measles, mumps and rubella vaccination program. Tis weekend's Queensland Nationals central council meeting will debate calling for the investigation. Drugs are a scourge," said Nationals member Ken Wilson. "I feel strongly about this and I'm inviting the Federal Government to investigate it and if it proves worthwhile, then do a vaccination program." Britain's Independent reported the jab would block out the euphoria associated with cocaine and heroin, and was due to be marketed within two years in Britain where the Department of Trade and Industry has set up a project to find scientific ways to break drug addictions. Bitish biotech firm Xenova has conducted trials of an anti-cocaine vaccine that showed that 58 per cent of patients remained cocaine-free after three months.