Friday, March 18, 2005

Larry Lessig Makes More Room for the Rest of Us...

Famous Person Lawrence Lessig announced on his blog that he will never publish in a law review again because he objects to the boilerplate copyright-transfer contracts that the journals ask authors to sign. It looks that the Minn. Law Rev. editors have already resolved this issue there in the comments by offering a modified contract. For a minute, I had (selfishly) gotten my hopes up that the rest of us would have better odds of getting published in the top journals if Lessig decided to publish all his work elsewhere. :-)

I love reading his books and articles, though. It's just that a Lessig-shaped hole in the law journal world might be filled by four or five up-and-coming writers (which he should take as a compliment, of course). We will read his new work wherever he publishes it.